10 yapping dogs

welcome to the neighborhood!

Darned videos & what’s next?

Have three videos from yesterday, none of them will upload to youtube – no idea why yet.  Darned videos!

Saw City of Memphis truck leaving our neighborhood this morning – wonder what’s next to show up in our mailbox…

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22 September 2013

Ugh. I took a 5 minute video but it’s corrupted. Won’t load and the sound drops out shortly after it begins.

Either way, this is for tracking purposes – 115p in the afternoon, not even outside and the dogs have been barking for some time now.  Off and on.

It’s not about the hour of day this time, but her lawyer said she’s doing the best she can to keep them quiet?

I call bullshit.  Five minutes of video, uncounted length of time before and after — and she is NO WHERE in the yard corrected/monitoring them.


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a lawyer to say it

Looks like we’re in it.

Got this letter in the mail.


In case you missed it, please let me draw your attention to “doing her best to keep the dogs that she owns from bothering anyone”… and then head on down to my July 4th post.  Explain to me how that is doing her best.

And then let me draw your attention to how  “fortunately, those dogs are all small enough not to really cause much, if any, problems.”  Pick any other video and explain to me how their nuisance barking isn’t much, if any, problem.

And then let me draw your attention to WHO exactly is INSISTING on PURSUING things which cause emotional worries?   Let me send you back on down through the posts to review WHO called Code Enforcement three times AFTER I called the non-emergency police because her dogs were barking for more than 20-30 minutes?

I sure hope whoever DID report Gale Dixon to Code Enforcement didn’t do it anonymously – because I really, really want to prove it wasn’t me.

Lord, how I want to answer this letter directly in my own words.   Instead, I’m gonna have to come up with $$$ to pay a lawyer to say it.

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business out of your home?

Dogs for sale. Does that constitute running a business out of your home?

web registration

web registration

dogs for sale - commercial appeal classifieds

dogs for sale – commercial appeal classifieds

I hope she has a breeder’s license…

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childish games

I took photos of the damage caused by our neighbor’s tree.

tree limb on fence

tree limb on fence

broken from

broken from

fence area

fence area

I emailed them with a few photos yesterday.  Earlier today I called (leaving a message).

Today when I got home I noticed that the tree limbs had been cut and shoved into our yard.

2013-09-18 18.29.47

shoved into the yard

shoved into the yard

I am so very sick of these childish games.

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17 September 2013

Dixon 09-17-13

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code enforcement… again

So.. this time we got a “notice to correct” from Code Enforcement.

code enforcement

code enforcement

“someone” reported us for having yard refuse stacked up in front of our house… down our sloped hill and at the end of the drive… not even on the street, but the end of our drive closest to our house.  In addition to chopped pieces of wood, bamboo, two bags of garden leaves, there was one box with trash from cleaning out our car.

top of the hill

top of the hill

more than half way down our drive now

more than half way down our drive now

In fact, as you can see, I’d already hauled the “box of trash” for collection (and it was gone) when we got our notice.

So, looking at the dates… my dad did a great job cleaning our yard, stacked everything nice and neat, we missed trash day Labor Day weekend (9/3),  code enforcement comes out (9/5), I haul the box to the trash can (9/10) leaving the leaves/bags for the next week and on 9/11 we get the notice.

CE is really nice when I call them though they won’t tell me who reported us (like I need to guess) and says no problem giving us time to make the next trash date (which we did).

No violation, no fine.   Just one more frustrating annoyance… especially if you drive through our neighborhood and see the condition of other properties.

Explain to me how she has the nuisance dogs and truly violated codes… but we’re still paying the price.

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Federal Offense

Found in our mailbox this morning.

Didn’t check mail Friday or Saturday, so who knows when it was put there… oh wait, put there?

That’s a FEDERAL OFFENSE, Mrs. Dixon…

get trainers, not forgiveness

get trainers, not forgiveness

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01 September 2013

630am – yapping dogs at it again. Called the police. Talked to them about suggestions. They said just keep calling – eventually they’ll probably order a citation for noise if they get tired of going out there. Awesome.

And it appears one of her tree limbs fell on our property – taking out the little fence we put up to keep our dogs on our property. More awesomeness in the early morning. UGH.

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