10 yapping dogs

welcome to the neighborhood!


After nearly 2 3  4 years of listening to our neighbor’s 10 yapping dogs, I’ve decided to start taking short videos of the NUISANCE that these dogs are.

The videos are only a few minutes long and while it might seem like nothing to the casual viewer, consider the 10-15 minutes before the recording begins and the indeterminable amount of time it can go on after the recording ends… go ahead, try it out.

Climb into bed to sleep or turn on your television or pick up a book or attempt to sleep in on a Saturday or try to put your infant down for a nap or for the night… wait, before, during or after you do any of these things go ahead and put any one of these videos on loop for about 15 minutes to 2 hours… and let me know how you’d feel listening to that nearly every day.

They bark at us (after 2 years of seeing us!), our guests, contractors, technicians, our dogs, when we walk to our car, when we’re in our back yard, our front yard, step onto the back deck, take the trash out, go fishing, sit by the pool, pop into the garage, rake the leaves, plant flowers, when we go to get the mail…

every single time they are out they bark at something.  Every.single.time (they are out).


imagine feeling like a total IDIOT for buying this house after turning down several fantastic ones because of the one dog in the neighbor’s yard barking at us.  It would almost be funny if didn’t make us want to cry.  We were worried about one or two dogs… instead we got 10.

imagine feeling like a total IDIOT for not realizing when the neighbor said, “Oh, I breed dogs…” that she actually meant, “Oh, I’m a basement breeder and I have 10…TEN…completely untrained yappy dogs that I can’t (no, don’t) control and what fun! they are capable of barking at all hours of the day and night whenever you come into view. Even two years after seeing you nearly every day.”

imagine feeling like a total IDIOT standing in your brand new neighbor’s home three months after having moved in next door and pleading with them to please do something about their dogs barking before it drives you insane – naturally ruining any sort of truly amicable relationship for the future.

imagine feeling like a total IDIOT when you call animal control (who tell you they don’t handle that sort of thing) & the local police only to find out Memphis doesn’t have a dog limit law; they do however suggest you consider a “nuisance” issue and go to civil court (which we haven’t done… yet).

imagine constantly wishing they would just move away so the dogs would go with them.

imagine loving winter in Memphis because it means those 10 yapping dogs are less likely to be outside.

(but we never imagine harming the dogs because we try very very hard to focus on it being the owner’s fault, not the dogs)

So after all that imagining of 10 yappy dogs… you can probably see how these condensed few minutes of video in reality can leave one pretty tired, frustrated, angry, helpless and just not even remotely amused.

In fact, by now… there might actually be more than 10… we’ve lost count.

Disclaimer: after the extremely uncomfortable effort of trying to talk to the neighbors about how we were going mental over the noise (that & their reaction is a story unto itself!), that we weren’t sleeping (5am barking!) and were actually considering trying to re-sell the house although we’d lose our entire financial stability  … they did try putting up anti-barking bird houses (!!!read the reviews – they don’t work!!!) and recently this year a black plastic liner along the fence line (!!!they can still hear us and see us from the top of the yard!!!).  None of it works. They still bark. And bark. And bark. And bark. And bark…

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