10 yapping dogs

welcome to the neighborhood!

29 April 2012

10:26pm barking last night.  Last about 15 minutes.  Couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed and record it. Didn’t call or text.  I really, really wanted to though. But of course there is always more to record…

8:30p-ish tonight.  Has been going on for over 15 minutes before I grab the phone. It’s hard to hear because the air-conditioner and fan are on… but you can’t miss it around 1:10.

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28 April 2012 (C)

28 April 2012 (C)

Seriously? She’s “only the caretaker”?  What does that MEAN? I know she didn’t “buy” the dogs (?!!!!?) – she “breeds” them and just doesn’t sell them all.

Does this mean they aren’t her dogs? They belong to someone else?

Maybe I’ll have to just go over today for another in person chat and first apologize for running up her texts, offer to pay for them if she incurs a cost, and then find out just who the dogs belong to if not her…

(and UGH to basement breeders and buying dogs anyhow)


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28 April 2012 (B)

U need 2be

Neighbor G wants the home owners to text. Sure… give me his number…

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28 April 2012

28 April 2012

506am barking

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27 April 2012

830p-ish. Went to check the mail and get something out of my car. They really kick into gear around 1:45.

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up to something

… so today when we got home all was quiet.   We took our dogs for a walk. So peaceful.

On the return we spotted Neighbor G putting out the trash.  She didn’t stay long enough to chat, smile or even lift a hand to wave. No surprise.

Her dogs were out and no surprise again … they barked at us very briefly.  As I’ve mentioned, they aren’t always as obnoxious when someone is out there with them.

I noticed then that Neighbor G was facing our drive and appeared to have her own camera recording.

Perhaps she was videoing her dogs for pleasure.

Somehow I doubt it. I’m too suspicious in nature not to suspect she’s up to something…

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25 April – part 2 – forgot one

25 April - part 2

It was another 5-10 minutes before I realized I didn’t hear him anymore. I have no idea if it was my text or just timing.

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Phone Call Results

So, I found her business card that she left in our house after we bought it.  
I called the number.
No answer.
I left a message that her dogs were out (a NICE message).
So her response was to text me after 1am.


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trying something different

So I misplaced my phone and it sorta ruined my regular tracking… but then again, I was getting wrapped up recording them every single day and just getting more and more frustrated.

Tonight, unwilling to go outside in my pajamas and record them 10:30p at night… I dug out an old business card and called the neighbor’s mobile number.  Of course she didn’t answer. So I left what I thought was a very polite message about her dogs barking at 10:30pm at night, waking the baby, keeping us from sleeping… to either keep her dogs in the house or stand outside with them and keep them quiet.

I hate doing crap like that, but I think it’s going to be my new avenue of trying to communicate with them. I’m going to start calling her mobile number every time those obnoxious 10 yapping dogs disturb me enough to pick up the phone. If leaving messages on her mobile number doesn’t work, I’m going to find her house phone and I’m going to call them there.

I invite them to call the authorities on me for being a nuisance. We can have a real long conversation about that word.

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23 April 2012

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