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our property association

One of my awesome neighbors routed an email to me that went out to our entire neighborhood distribution list  today (but not me) – the very afternoon prior to our Property Owner’s Association meeting (which included nominations for officer positions).

To Lakewood Hills Property Owners and Board Members:

It has come to our attention that our neighbor at 3787 Westwood Cv has filed a complaint to the homeowners board about us and our dogs. We feel that the association is only hearing half of the story about the occurrences at 3777 Westwood Cv. We have been in this neighborhood since 1998, and have never had any problems with our neighbors and have owned dogs since the beginning. The Baxter’s bought the house next door to us in 2010, of which I was the listing agent. As the listing agent, I hand delivered the neighborhood covenants to the Baxter’s and their agent Cheryl Lamghari of Crye-Leike. I not only delivered the covenants, I disclosed the number of dogs I owned and that I lived next door, in front of their agent and advised the homeowner of disclosing this information. The Baxter’s still made an offer on the house and purchased it. When they moved in we did everything we could to make them feel at home in their new neighborhood, baking goodies and gifts of food.

Within about three weeks of moving in Mrs Baxter placed a card in our mailbox(unstamped) stating she wanted to meet with us about our dogs. When she came over she was quite rude and basically told us our animals were out of control and we needed to do something about it and she let herself out. That was in 2010.

Since then we have put up a $3000 fence, 18 inches off of our old fence(leaving the old fence up for buffer) and put up bark deterrents. We since have had code enforcement called on us, went to court and adhered to the order of a floor drain, 200 sq ft of concrete and six inch curbs all around(picture, code attached and highlighted), at a cost of several thousand dollars. And as far this code that I was called on, Mrs Baxter owns two dogs(large), plus rescues dogs(pit bull mixes) and sometimes has up to six dogs on her place at any time, and does not have the code enforced floor drain, etc. specified in the attached code.

We also know that our other neighbors in the cove have not complained, 3795 Westwood Cv and 3767 Westwood Cv, as well as across the street at 3786 Westwood Cv.

We have done everything we think possible to appease the Baxter’s at no avail. I even placed a note of apology in her mailbox(unstamped) of which she sent me a certified letter telling me I was breaking the law(letter  attached). She still insists on wasting taxpayers money by calling the cops weekly because my dogs are barking. My dogs are all small and are never out for over 15 to 30 minutes at a time. All my dogs are AKC registered, some of which I show or have showed in conformation, I belong to a kennel club(Shelby County Kennel Club) and am not doing anything illegal.

It has come to the point that after 3 long years of harassment from them, we have had our lawyer draft a letter explaining our position(attached). I also ask that the board and any homeowners contact Mr Zummach(contact info in letterhead, attached) with any questions concerning our dogs and our legality. I also invite anyone in the neighborhood over if you would like to examine the situation in person.

“Love does no harm to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.” (Rom. 13:10 NKJ)


The Dixon’s(Ted and Gale)

3777 Westwood Cv

901-831-2431 or 901-497-1897

Homeowners and members since 1998

P.S. Since Ted has begun working out of town, we have talked of selling in the near future, with circumstances as they are with the neighbors, we are ramping up our efforts. If anyone knows of someone in the market for a home on the lake, we would love to sell without having to pay a real estate commission. If after we list and the home does not sell in a timely fashion,  we will rent it out and are checking on guidelines for section eight.

(included were 5 attachments – 1 photo of her cement slab w/out her dogs, 1 photo of her cement slab with some of her dogs, 1 copy of the lawyers letter I previously posted, 1 copy of my letter to her about placing mail in our mailbox, 1 copy of Code 1507.2 re dog stands, animal, fowl & pet)

As of 7:15pm, I was nominated & voted in as the 2014 President of our property association.

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25 October 2013

My lawyer’s letter to the Dixon’s.

Dixon 10-25-13

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22 October 2013

Barking. Woke me up. Woke my dogs up.  Woke my son up 15 minutes ago, scaring him; he’s now in my bed finally sleeping again.  It’s 2.47a. 

Quiet again now – but the damage is done.


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18 October 2013

Your lawyer wrote to me that you were “doing the best” you could to keep the dogs quiet.

I guess that’s what you call standing in your yard, laughing on the phone, allowing your dogs to bark incessantly for over 40 minutes  (15 of which I have on video).

I called my lawyer. I called the police.  I am not done.

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17 October 2013 – Back on the Market

Dogs for Sale

Dogs for Sale

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 12.47.25 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 12.47.35 PM

for sale

for sale

for sale

for sale

for sale

for sale

for sale

for sale

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05 October 2013

Still at it.

A little extra last minute run from the fence.

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