10 yapping dogs

welcome to the neighborhood!


Found out yesterday that someone else went to the code enforcement group about the 10 yapping dogs.

As a result, they came out and inspected… and served a citation.  The word is that they have to get rid of all but 4 dogs or apply for a kennel registration – and with a kennel registration they have to jump through a slew of hoops… including drainage/piping that ties directly into our city sewage system.   That can’t be a $imple fix…

I guess when you complain to the right people… they do the dirty work for you.

On one hand I feel bad that they might actually have to get rid of their dogs since all I really wanted was them to just take ownership and responsibility … train them, stay outside with them… control them.

On the other hand, if it helps.. it is what it is.

Also explains why  Mr. Neighbor no longer waves at us when we pass on the street.

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Nearly a month later…

So it’s nearly a month and I have this to say:  It is better… like getting stabbed in the brain once is better than getting stabbed twice.

They can still hear us. They still bark.

But it does seem better…  perhaps a result of the sweltering weather and the dogs not being out very often.

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