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04 January 2014

Previously the Dixon’s tree dropped a branch on our mesh fence and damaged it.  I emailed Gale Dixon about repairing it, she did not. She had someone come out and cut the tree down, but she never fixed the fence or got in touch with me about it.  So, I fixed it myself and just let it go.  It was just a little plastic mesh type so it really wasn’t that big of a deal to get rehang it.

However, last night I found out that the tie offs had been removed/cut from our mesh fencing when I realized my dogs were off our property! I do not know if she saw my dogs on her land but I called them in as soon as I realized the fence was no longer secure.

When I went down to check the fencing area to see how they got out, Gale had put up another “no trespassing” sign on her fence that referenced not having permission to tie our fencing to hers.

no trespassing

I believe she cut or removed the ties, but I have no proof.  To be fair, the ties were secured to the edge of her chain link fence (outside the wooden privacy fence on our side) nearly two years ago before this whole neighbor thing escalated to what it is. So.. I’m not mad that she wanted the ties removed since it is her fence (and she’s obviously just a mean bitch) but I am pissed that she didn’t have the balls to confront us and ask to have it removed – instead she may have put my dogs at risk of being lost or harmed from other strays getting onto our property.

Today my father came over and installed a more stable type of fencing. While he was out there, Gale Dixon came out and started telling him that he couldn’t tie off to her fence, to which he replied (not very nicely) that he wasn’t attaching anything to her fence (we put in metal posts).   Apparently they exchanged heated words and she stormed off.  I think my husband may have added a few words before she stomped off (less profane but just as clear). The new fencing is NOT tied to her fencing.  She did mention something about having to be 6 inches away from the property line – but I have no idea if that’s accurate or where our property line legally is.

I wasn’t there when the exchange occurred, so I do not know what was said but I figured I better notify her of our intent.

Email to Dixons Email to Dixons

I’m actually expecting the police to show up eventually to tell us to stay off her property or something.

Monday I’ll be contacting someone official to come survey our lot and give us a specific lay of our land. I have no idea where this will go – this is so FRUSTRATING and STUPID!!! I feel utterly harassed by this woman and I have no idea how to rectify it

not tied off

not tied off

still not tied off

still not tied off

nope, not tied

nope, not tied

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