10 yapping dogs

welcome to the neighborhood!

Code Enforcement at the Door

So despite not posting any videos lately (I have them…) – the situation has not improved.

10 yapping dogs at all hours, basement breeding, unwilling to show any respect to her neighbors, etc. and despite last year someone (not me) reporting her (and she had to pay some $$$ to keep all her dogs under some BS “show dogs” license) the nightmare continues.

Today I come home to code enforcement at MY door. “Someone” complained that i have FIVE dogs and that my property doesn’t have the appropriate cement/drainage for 5 dogs.  Sounds similar to the complaint she received (except she was in violation!).

So I invited him in to meet my TWO resident dogs, as well as the TWO strays I’ve been paying to have taken care of by my vet so that they can be adopted.

He declined and said, “Sorry ma’am, just have to do my job, sorry to bother you. No violation that I see.”

How badly do I want to go over there and LAUGH in her vindictive, petty face?

Let’s just say… a lot.

Maybe I should call that lawyer that gave me the libelous letter advice for help pulling all the public records on her property to see if she IS adhering…

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