10 yapping dogs

welcome to the neighborhood!

a lawyer to say it

Looks like we’re in it.

Got this letter in the mail.


In case you missed it, please let me draw your attention to “doing her best to keep the dogs that she owns from bothering anyone”… and then head on down to my July 4th post.  Explain to me how that is doing her best.

And then let me draw your attention to how  “fortunately, those dogs are all small enough not to really cause much, if any, problems.”  Pick any other video and explain to me how their nuisance barking isn’t much, if any, problem.

And then let me draw your attention to WHO exactly is INSISTING on PURSUING things which cause emotional worries?   Let me send you back on down through the posts to review WHO called Code Enforcement three times AFTER I called the non-emergency police because her dogs were barking for more than 20-30 minutes?

I sure hope whoever DID report Gale Dixon to Code Enforcement didn’t do it anonymously – because I really, really want to prove it wasn’t me.

Lord, how I want to answer this letter directly in my own words.   Instead, I’m gonna have to come up with $$$ to pay a lawyer to say it.

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