10 yapping dogs

welcome to the neighborhood!

So it begins anew.

So I’ve avoided posting for awhile since one of our community neighbors filed a complaint against the 10 Yapping Dogs owners (and they were cited but I’m not sure exactly what the details of that citation was, or what they had to do to become compliant — and they still have their dogs).

Either way, I decided to just let it ride.   Winter was coming and I knew we wouldn’t hear much of them once the cold kicked in.

Cut to a month ago.  Long story short:  (possible) wolf-hybrid running loose in our neighborhood.  Another neighbor’s dog was attacked (she survived), but we tried to get the word out that folks should not leave their little dogs/cats/children unattended.

Despite our history with 10 yappy dog neighbors, I decided to get in touch with them to let them know they shouldn’t leave their dogs out because of this (feral) dog.  No matter how much I dislike their ownership habits, I don’t want to see ANY dog harmed when it can be avoided.  I tried to be nice. I was polite. I explained I was trying to be helpful despite what she might think about me.

I got an earful about how I was costing her a lot of money because of this code enforcement citation. I told her I was never “out to get her” as she seems to think, we didn’t report her to code enforcement and I don’t care how many dogs she has, as long as she tends to them and doesn’t let them bark all the time.    Call ended soon after but I actually thought we might have made a little ground on moving forward… (how wrong I was).

Weather is turning warmer.  Dogs are back out again.  Barking.  But we haven’t done anything about it yet.  Again, I’m trying to see if things will chill out and get better.   And then I get a surprising email from a rescue group I’m working with.  All it says is, “Call me”.

So, I call and nearly fall out of my chair.

Apparently they received correspondence from our neighbor “warning” them about me.  Something about a bite (??). Something about me poking sticks at her dogs (!!!)  which caused her to put up a 6 ft privacy fence and spending $3k for it… (?!?!?)

Fortunately this rescue group contact knows me better than that, but of course she has to do her due diligence and ask me about it.   So,  I’ve asked them to send me a copy of the correspondence so I can see just how far Yapping Dog owner’s libelous statements have gone.

Maybe it’s time WE got a lawyer – but I won’t have to make up LIES about the situation.

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